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12 Restaurant Blog Ideas (Guaranteed to Generate Traffic)

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Restaurant blog post traffic comes from search engines, social media, and other website links. Restaurant blog ideas that generate traffic to the restaurant’s website are best. The traffic can get people to visit a restaurant or place phone or online orders.

Blog content must attract people to the site. Many restaurant managers and owners know blogs are beneficial but find it challenging to maintain one. Maintaining a restaurant blog means you must research, write, format, and schedule the content.

You need a plan before starting to post. Do some research to find phrases and keywords customers use online. When you have some restaurant design blog ideas, you are ready to start—post at a pace that you can consistently maintain. It’s sensible to post blogs weekly to begin. If you come up with multiple restaurant blog ideas, save them for later posts.

It’s tough to maintain. If you have a writing process for creating restaurant blog posts, it must be the sort of posts that generate traffic. It can be frustrating. Here are some restaurant blog ideas that will help create blog posts potential customers want to read. Use these restaurant blog ideas as inspiration for a blog. Tweak them or use them as they are to fit your restaurant.

1. Describe New Menu Items

Pique curiosity about new menu items with a post that explains the process and inspiration for creating it for the menu. Tell it in story form to get people to salivate and want to come to try it.

Sample Ideas (Fill in the blanks.)

  • The Story Behind _____________
  • How a Kitchen Mishap Became __________
  • Inspired by a Local __________

2. Feature Stories About Menu Items

The items on the menu provide plenty of things about which to write. It is again recommended to write in story form. People love a good story. Ask a few customers what they like about an item and use their responses in the post. 

Sample Ideas

  • Why Customers Love Our __________
  • We Get Our __________ from __________
  • How to Make __________

3. Answer Common Questions

If customers have a question that is asked frequently, post the answer as a blog. When you are asked the questions, you likely have no trouble providing the answer. Turn common questions customers ask into a blog post.

Sample Ideas

  • Three Customer Favorites
  • The Best Drink on the Menu
  • How to Eat Spaghetti

4. Announce Events

If you host an event, post it on a blog. People see your site as a source of information. Entice people to join in by sharing the needed information.

Sample Ideas

  • Enjoy Music While Dining on Saturday
  • Hosting a Card Party on Friday Night
  • Meet Potential Employers at the Job Fair on Tuesday

People look for fun events for entertainment. Plan some events at your establishment and write about them in blog posts. Regulars love attending, and new fans become regulars after the event. Writing about the top things to do in town is an excellent blog idea. Write about an event you are hosting as one of the top choices.

5. Feature Businesses and Organizations

Generate traffic from social media by writing about complementary organizations and businesses. Those entities have social media followers. They will share your posts. It generates traffic you would otherwise not get. Your readers often appreciate the posts. 

Sample Ideas

  • Must-See Events
  • Favorite Things to Do in __________
  • Best Movie Theaters in __________

6. Involve Customers in Posts

Involving customers takes your blog a step further. Many of them are social media followers. Featuring them on your blog allows their friends and family to know about your restaurant. 

Sample Ideas

  • __________ Customer of the Month
  • A Customer Shares a Story About Our Restaurant
  • How __________ Helped Create a New Dish

7. Feature Employees

Employees can help with a blog. Ask a few questions and make certain that they do not mind being featured in your blog. Most will likely agree. Ask them about their interests and what item on the menu is their favorite. Customers appreciate getting to know the staff. People return to a restaurant when they are familiar with the staff.

Sample Ideas

  •  Learn what __________ Loves on the Menu
  • Use just the employee’s name
  • __________ Employee of the Month

Ask employees for blog suggestions. Pick their brains for new perspectives and ideas. Write about what employees like best about the restaurant, their favorite dish offered, and what they do for fun. Customers enjoy getting to know those who prepare and serve the food, and employees have fun also.

8. Comment on Local Events

If something is happening in the community, comment on the subject. Avoid political issues. You can comment on how well local sports teams are doing or talk about a festival coming to town. 

Sample Ideas

  • Our Special Burger in Honor of __________
  • Help Us Raise Money for __________
  • Meet Here After the Game

Blog about interests specific to your location. It is an excellent way of drawing attention to your restaurant. Think about local traditions and food. Integrate them into the menu. People appreciate a business that takes pride in the community. They also appreciate unique versions of local food.

Restaurant owners have inside information about upcoming events. Customers do not speak to dealers and vendors every day. You provide information privy to the drink and food industry when you share your knowledge. People like to feel in on something others do not know. 

Sample Ideas

  • Unusual Food Trends for the Summer
  • The New Drink People Are Talking About
  • A New Ingredient People Love

10. List Suggestions

Customers see you as a food and drink authority. Provide them with helpful information by giving them insight into the best drinks and food for specific occasions. These posts are popular and sharable for customers who use social media.

Sample Ideas

  • Mixed Drinks for a Barbecue
  • Appetizers for a Picnic
  • Patriot Snacks for Memorial Day

Having your recipes available for people searching for new ideas is an excellent way to create a buzz and gain new patrons. It provides an opportunity to boast about the cuisine and helps potential customers. Give them a sample of what you offer and wait for them to visit and try out the recipes.

People get excited when there is something new on the menu. If you have new items, share them on the blog to create a buzz. Write about the inspiration and process that went into the new dish creation. Blogging about new items is an excellent way to remind past customers why they loved your restaurant and inspire them to pay another visit. 

11. Make a Visually Appealing Blog

The blog appearance matters. It should be a simple, clean restaurant design blog that does not detract from the writing. Establish a look and try to keep the blog consistent with it. A critical aspect of a restaurant blog is quality visuals. Along with the description of the food, post appealing photos of the dishes. If you host an event, add in photographs. Include pictures of the restaurant filled with people having a good time.

12. Take Advantage of Online Resources for Writing Your Blog

You want the blog writing to be the best possible you can create. There are online tools that help improve writing quality. Examples include 

The grammar resources help ensure there are no grammatical errors in the posts. They make the editing process easier and smoother. Some make helpful writing suggestions. Using the writing guides ensures a well-rounded, complete writing process. Quality writing takes effort and time; using a guide is wise. 


Blogs are a powerful restaurant marketing tool. People search the internet when they want a new restaurant to try. Blogs are an excellent means of showcasing what a restaurant does best. Restaurant blog ideas include stories about customers and staff, food photos, new items, and fun events featured. These blog ideas for restaurants will increase sales.