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Why Hiring A Copywriter Is The Write Idea

Using a restaurant copywriter can help grow your business in numerous ways. We can enhance your menu descriptions, assist you with Social Media, write your blogs, and spread the word about new menu items, events, and other news.

Restaurant copywriter

You know what dishes or desserts your restaurant offers, but how well does your menu describe them? Your offerings might be incredibly delicious or unique, but if you want to entice more customers to order, you need the right words to make things irresistible through food copywriting. There’s a big difference between Coconut Cake and Homemade Authentic Thai Coconut Cake—made from a family recipe passed down over 100 years; this 6”-high, moist, fluffy, unique coconut cake features three layers of airy, coconut-infused, fresh whipped cream filling and a light coconut cream frosting topped with a cascade of coconut, shredded daily. (Don’t you want to order a slice now?)

What is it that makes your restaurant unique? Let us help you write the ABOUT US story for your website or other marketing materials. We can help you share your restaurant story or family history, tell people about your best feature, or share your secret recipe for success.
Are you adding something new to your menu or offering some weekly, monthly, or holiday special? Post it on social media! It’s some of the most effective, farthest-reaching advertising you can do, and it’s free to do it! But you need to be consistently posting to keep your audience engaged. We can develop a fun, friendly (even quirky) personality for your business and help create ongoing buzz. By creating entertaining content, we can help you attract a loyal audience.
Well-photographed savory dishes, sumptuous specials, and delicious desserts can get people salivating and excited to come by and try your food or come back and eat there again. We can put your food items in the best light and make your restaurant shine.

Claim your listings on popular restaurant review sites like Yelp. Having positive reviews written about you has proven to be one of the best forms of marketing. Survey data shows that 94% of U.S. diners are influenced by online reviews — especially when they’re looking for a new place to eat or a specific type of food or ambiance. Our food copywriter can help you write food descriptions in the very best of taste.

Well-written Restaurant Copywriting Can Help Generate Increased Interest

In your restaurant, boost catering service calls, grow traffic and raise additional revenue. Best of all, it will free you from marketing responsibilities, allowing you to do what you do best—creating & serving delectable dishes, tasty treats, & fabulous food.