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Easily Talk to Customers Without Uttering a Word

According to recent surveys, 89% of consumers say they prefer to communicate with businesses via text, with 64% of people claiming to have a more positive view of businesses that communicate with customers via text. Based on a 2016 business insider report, it’s predicted that 80% of businesses will be using chatbots by 2022.
Easily Talk to Customers

Are you a restaurant or foodservice business trying to stay competitive? You’re probably going to want a chatbot—whether you’re a small, independently owned business, a Local Restaurant With Multiple Locations, or a larger regional or national chain.

We create personalized chatbots that can answer your guests’ questions in real-time, using information about your restaurant that’s already available online. Our chatbots are individually tailored for your restaurant, allowing you to interact with customers and instantly answer their questions on your restaurant’s website , Facebook Page, and via text.

Why Do You Need A Chatbot For Your Restaurant?

By answering questions automatically and routing guests to real humans only when necessary, chatbots can help you improve customer service, driving more people to your physical businesses. It can also free up time for your staff to spend improving guests’ actual in-restaurant experience.
Chatbots can be utilized to help customers book a table at your restaurant. This can be done through a chatbot on your restaurant website, where a customer may have looked you up and browsed your menu before deciding to book. Customers can also book through integrated messenger chatbots. For example, chatbots can be integrated with Facebook Messenger so customers can book a table directly from Facebook.
People’s dietary needs and preferences are constantly changing, so restaurants have tailored their menu items to cater to a broader crowd. However, many businesses have received complaining Yelp reviews when the staff couldn’t point out the vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free choices on a menu. Since training your entire staff to have comprehensive knowledge of the nutritional components of every menu item would be unrealistic, a chatbot can provide this information.
Everyone is different. Many customers prefer to review the menu before visiting a restaurant or order in advance for pick-up, and some people like to order at the table using a chatbot rather than interacting with a waiter.
Every restaurant owner knows that reviews on websites like Yelp help to bring in more business. In addition, chatbots can automatically send reminders to customers to kindly leave you feedback.
When you have a chatbot, your customers receive 24/7 customer service. Your chatbot is always available to answer questions, plus it can simplify take-out and delivery orders.
We live in a fast-paced world. We hate to be put on hold or wait in line. People have limited patience; we want everything now! The same holds true for your customers. If they try to call your restaurant and no one answers, they may feel frustrated, and you have potentially lost a customer. With a chatbot, you never have to worry about not being available and leaving a customer waiting. The customer gets instant responses to their messages and a seamless experience.
In the US, 20% of people eat out at full-service restaurants at least once per week. Discounts and offers can help attract them to yours. If a potential customer lands on your chatbot to ask a question about your menu or opening times, you can use the opportunity to showcase any current promotions. A chatbot can even tap into your email list and entice your existing customers with new deals and offers.
Your voice and personality are an integral part of your restaurant brand. Chatbots can be used to further your brand and the image or feeling you are trying to create. It’s a unique way of personifying your brand. Bots can be designed to be funny, conversational, casual, or formal. You can choose the style that’s best for your brand. When customers get a positive impression, they’re more likely to patronize your business.
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